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About The Bekantan Twins Project

Founders of the Bekantan Twins Project
Founders of the Bekantan Twins Project

The Bekantan Twins Project was first established in 2013 by 16 year-old twins, Gabriella and Giovanna Thohir. After noticing the lack of attention and care provided to the Bekantans, the girls decided to spend much of their time and effort to create a campaign focused on this dying species. The Bekantan Twins Project is outlined by its three main stages:

1. Initiation
The initial research about Monyet Bekantan. In this stage, the girls travelled to South Kalimantan to view the bekantans’ natural habitat. They met an expert on bekantan and conservation activist, Professor M. Arief Soendjoto as well. Many things came to light, as the girls discovered that the situation is more dire than what it seemed.

2. Activation
This stage revolves around creating an approachable environment for people to view and participate the progress of the campaign. The Activation program will be in one of Indonesia’s mall, where information about the campaign, website, and actions so far can be publicized.
The girls will also sell merchandises, hold a photo exhibition, entertain guests and provide the opportunity for mall goers to donate money. All money received will go the Replantation Stage of our Campaign.

3. Replantation
Using the money raised, the girls will then replant the trees in one of the bekantans’ thinning conservation areas in Pulau Kaget. At the Replantation stage, the girls are hoping to get local participation, as it will provide a much greater impact on
their community. From then on, Professor M. Arief Soendjoto will overlook the state of Pulau Bekantan

Through these three stages, Gabby and Ghea are hoping to create a
sustainable future for the Bekantans. Although the bekantans are a part
of the local community, they are ignored and even isolated. This project
hopefully creates coexistence between the local community and the
bekantans, as people will now realized how lucky they are to be able to
see and live with such amazing creatures.



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