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Why do you keep saying “Friends of Bekantan”?

A Guide to be a Friend of Bekantan (using the Membership Button)

My sister just commented on how I keep mentioning “Friends of Bekantan” so I’ve decided to write a post about what it actually means to be a “FoB”!

So the “FoB” is actually our Membership name, cheesy I know.

Basically you can register to be a member of our project using the Membership button, free of charge, of course. A membership allows you to be in our mailing list; that means you get information quick and easy!

How do I sign up for a Membership?
It’s really simple actually!

1. Drag your mouse to the Membership button from our Home Page

2. You’ll see a Registration button just below it. Click it.

3. This will take you to this page:

Screen shot 2014-04-12 at PM 04.45.45

4. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email.
* Your name will not be used at all, it’s just something to address you with!

5. You can choose whether or not to be included in our Mailing List by ticking the box above.

6. Click Sign Up

That’s it! Simple right?

So to actually answer the question, when I say “Friends of Bekantan” that is meant to address all members, supporters , and readers of the website.

Thanks again,


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