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More and More Bekantans are Dying!

Dear Friends of Bekantans,

Unfortunately it has come to our attention that just within a week, another handful of Bekantans are found dead.

On Tuesday (4/3/2014) two Bekantans were killed by hunters. Sadly this occurence happens very often in Kalimantan and is one of the main reasons why the population of Bekantans continues to rapidly decrease.

Last Sunday (8/4/2014) another Bekantan was found dead on Jl. Adi Sucipto. After a thorough necropsy conducted by the forensics team, the cause of death for this female Bekantan is electrocution. It seems this Bekantan unknowingly grabbed an electric cable as it closely resembles a vine.

This further shows the importance of spreading awareness for this dying species. Cruelty and Ignorance towards the Bekantans must be stopped. The population of Bekantans are down to 100 and in less than 10 years, Bekantans will face Extinction. Let us join together to prevent this from happening!

Thank you,
xxGabby and Ghea

Read the original articles at: Bekantan – Wild Indonesia
Here are some screenshots of the articles:

Hunters kills two Bekantans

Hunters kills two Bekantans

Bekantan Electrocuted

Bekantan Electrocuted

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