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The Bekantan Twins Project’s Stepping Stone

Hello and welcome back to “The Bekantan Twins Project” website!

We would like to say thanks for all the supports  on the project and for all the progress we’ve all made so far. Finally reaping what we sow, our noble effort began to gain public recognition. Several prominent media in Indonesia such as Republika, Banjarmasin Post and Net TV has broadcasted our stories. The Bekantan Twins Project stories also being the cover of international media too especially when The Twins won two prestigious international awards: ASEAN Champions of Biodiversity Award and CSR Global Award. We won’t get this far without the support from you all.

Gabby and Ghea on the Awarding Night of The Asean Champions of Biodiversity 2014

Gabby and Ghea on the Awarding Night of The Asean Champions of Biodiversity 2014

The twins also gain more support from Balai Koservasi Sumber Daya Alam and Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia, an NGO, shows that the rescue efforts made possible by hard work and dedication will move other parties to be increasingly more concerned and more involved in the saving of Bekantan. Currently, the two teenage girls are preparing for the construction of the Bekantan Conservation Facility on Bakut Island. The twins, along with many others, are hopeful that their dreams can come to fruition.

The Journey Continues

The Twins hard work and dedication paid off, both Gabby and Ghea gained entrance into the renowned University of California (UCLA) and University of Southern California (USC), respectively. Their advocacy doesn’t stop here, the twins remain committed to champion the cause and become ambassadors of Bekantan in the United States. Time and distance are not barrier for them, their move to another continent will not hinder the continued efforts of bringing The Bekantan Twins Project to success. In the near future, Gabby and Ghea have high hopes of organizing the second fundraising event to raise support for the construction of the Bekantan Rehabilitation facilities in Bakut Island, Kalimantan. The twins envision great change; they truly believe that with the continued support, encouragement and confidence from donor and every party involved, The Bekantan Twins Project can expand into something bigger and better. As of this moment, Gabby and Ghea are hopeful to transform Bakut Island into an exotic hub of ecotourism with a vast array of facilities including, but is not limited to, pedestrian walk, rehabilitation unit (set up to accommodate pregnant Bekantan or those in need of fostering), as well as a one-of-a-kind signage. The Bekantan Twins Project was only possible because of the unwavering support and confidence flowing from the compassionate, the generous, and the ones who dare to make a difference.

“If you wish to go fast, go alone. If you wish to go far, go together.” – African Proverb




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