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The Bekantan Twins Project Received Global CSR Award

Hi Bekantan Friends! Finally we are back again and there is a good news from us!

On March 19th 2015, The Bekantan Twins Project received Platinum Global CSR Award  in category CSR Leadership Award. This award is given to an individual who has contributed to the promotion of all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Global CSR Awards 2015 is Asia’s Most Prestigious Recognition Awards programme for Corporate Social Responsibility. The programme recognizes and honors companies for outstanding, innovative and world-class products, services, projects and programmes implemented in the past or present. These projects should demonstrate the company’s leadership, sincerity and on-going commitment in incorporating ethical values, compliance with legal requirements, and respect for individuals, communities and the environment in the way they do business.

The Bekantan Twins Project wast first established by The Twins, Gabriella Thohir and Giovanna Thohir in 2013 when they were only 16 years old. After noticing the lack of attention and care provided to the Bekantans, the girls decided to spend much of their time and effort to create a campaign focused on this dying species. According to the dramatic report from The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared Bekantan as endangered species threatened into extinction. Bekantan’s estimated number was 260,000 in 1987, but has drastically declined to only 25,000 in 2008 as Bekantan’s natural habitats are continuously threatened by the clearing rainforest for timber, settlements and oil palm plantations.  In this project, Adaro Bangun Negeri Foundation provide full support as provide assistance and also mentoring for The Twins who care about the environment in order to save the proboscis through various activities including fundraising for conservation of proboscis monkeys, observation of habitats that support life proboscis monkeys, as well as planting 500 trees in Bakut Island in South Kalimantan.Previously in 2014, The Bekantan Twins Project won ASEAN Champions of Biodiversitywith the assistance of Adaro Bangun Negeri Foundation.

In the Global CSR Awards, Gabriella and Giovanna Thohir were able to beat the other competitors in the category of CSR Leadership. Since in their really young age, Gabriella and Giovanna Thohir already capable to demonstrate that they are able to work hard for the conservation of Bekantan and produce an award in the international level. Hopefully their hard work will inspire more young people of Indonesia to provide a real contribution to the conservation in Indonesia.

TBTP received Platonum in category CSR Leadership Award.

TBTP received Platinum in category CSR Leadership Award.


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