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Bakut Island, Home of Bekantan



Have you ever heard about Bakut Island?

Photo 17 This is Pulau Bakut the home of Bekantan in South Kalimantan  Bakut Island is located in Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan. The total area is about 18 hectares, 700 meters length and 250 meters width. This area is inhabited by plants and animals that are adaptive to the ups and downs. The island is settled in Barito river stream and crossed by one of the longest bridge in Indonesia, Barito Bridge the landmark of South Kalimantan. Bekantans live in here!  Photo 19 Dont let them extinct - its really cute to see them swinging in the treesHome sweet home: Bekantan jump from  a tree to another tree in the Bekantan Conservation Area on Bakut Island, South Kalimantan. The population of bekantan is estimated to be around 1,500, with 500 of those living in 10 conservation areas. The Bekantan Twins Project  has a plan to make a structured conservation center for bekantan in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. This Plan might never came if there is no involvement from every stakeholders to act towards bekantan preservation. Proudly, the initial action to renovate this island was came from Gabby and Ghea as young girls who have big concern over nature.

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