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Belantan Relationship with Humans: friends or threats?

Recently, there was a shocking news about a picture of six people captured Bekantan and share it to their social media. It is really graceless attitude to the focal species. Proboscis monkey

According to Inskipp and Inskipp (2000, p. 167), “unlike in India and Indo-China, there have been no long-term feelings of sympathy for wildlife based on religious beliefs. So in some of these countries [Countries in Borneo Island], animals are suffering even more severe persecution as well as habitat loss.” Bekantan was once hunted by tribal people in Borneo as they are seen as a culinary delicacy. Stone-like bezoars are sometimes found in the guts of these monkeys and are highly prized as a raw material of traditional medicine, but today the capture and killing of these distinctive animals is forbidden and has helped this situation slightly. However, people have had a far bigger impact on Bekantan through the deforestation of it’s natural habitat mainly for logging, growing Human settlements and to clear land for palm oil plantations, which has led to drastic population declines in the species over the past couple of decades particularly. They are however, of great fascination to many people around the world and have generated tourism interests in certain areas. It is hoped that ecotourism o conservation in Borneo might assist in the preservation of the Bekantan.

We need to change! It is Time to Move, Time to Act


According to that issue, The Bekantan Twins Project wants to become a best friend of Bekantan by embarking a journey to save and protect Bekantan from those threats.  we want to promote Bekantan and their conservation program. We wants people to know and start to love and care about Bekantan. Let’s become a best friend of Bekantan!

Join us and be a part of this movement by registering yourself as the campaigner of The Bekantan Twins Project at Kitabisa.com bit.ly/bekantantwinsproject 

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