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Our Trip to South Kalimantan

Hello Friends of Bekantans,

Early November, my sister and I went on a research trip to South Kalimantan to see monyet bekantans in real life. The flight from Jakarta to South Kalimantan took just under 2 hours, if I’m not mistaken.

After some difficulties trying to spot the monkeys, we finally saw a small group relaxing within a small, relatively hidden patch of trees. The bekantans were actually quite shy and very swift as well. We had to be really quiet as we didn’t want to startle them.

Despite all the fun and excitement over seeing actual real life bekantans up close, we were disappointed at some aspects regarding the bekantans’ environment and the way they were treated. What frustrated us even more was the fact that there is no certain legit analysis of the bekantans’ total population! We’ve even ran into a few unexpected…surprises along the way, and not the good ones.

We will be posting two article about bekantans and our trip really soon. One will be exclusive to this website titled “Where are the Bekantans?” and the other titled “The Bekantan Experience” will hopefully be published by many major newspaper medias. We will provide “The Bekantan Experience” in two different languages: Bahasa Indonesia and English, depending on the media’s requests.

Keep and eye out for both articles and spread the word to all your friends!

Thank you for everything,
Gabby and Ghea Thohir

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  • Look forward to buy some cute Merchandise of Bekantan. 🙂

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