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Support the Cause by Purchasing our Merchandise

All money collected from your purchases of our merchandise will be used to replant the bekantans’ preferred trees in bekantan conservation areas! View our Replantation stage in “About The Bekantan Twins Project” or in the page below to learn more about how your money will be used to support a good cause!

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Welcome to The Bekantan Twins Project!

The Bekantan Twins Project is created by twins, Gabriella and Giovana Thohir. TBT is a non-profit organization dedicated to help save monyet bekantans, a rare yet declining Indonesian monkey species.


About Gabby and Ghea

Gabriella and Giovanna Thohir are sixteen-year-old students who are actively campaigning to help save one of Indonesia’s rare and iminishing species, Monyet Bekantan.

Although they were born and raised here in Jakarta, Indonesia,both girls are passionate about bekantans, even taking the time to travel and visit the bekantans’ natural habitat in Kalimantan.

Read our article “The Bekantan Experience” here! Learn more about The Bekantan Twins Project here!


Step 1: Initiation

The initial research about Monyet Bekantan. In this stage, the girls travelled to South Kalimantan to view the bekantans’ natural habitat. They met an expert on bekantan and conservation activist, Professor M. Arief Soendjoto as well. Many things came to light, as the girls discovered that the situation is more dire than what it seemed

Step 2: Activation

This stage revolves around creating an approachable environment for people to view and participate the progress of the campaign. The Activation program will be in one of Indonesia’s mall, where information about the campaign, website, and actions so far can be publicized. The girls will also sell merchandises, hold a photo exhibition, entertain guests and provide the opportunity for mall goers to donate money. All money received will go the Replantation Stage of our Campaign. "We are all excited to announce that this event will be held at Mall Kota Kasablanka on June 15th, 2014! We would love for you to come and join us there! This event is Open for Public and everyone is invited to join! Donate money and buy our merchandises, all money will go to the Replanting Phase! We hope to see you there! - Gabby and Ghea"

Step 3: Replantation

Using the money raised, the girls will then replant the trees in one of the bekantans’ thinning conservation areas in Pulau Kaget. At the Replantation stage, the girls are hoping to get local participation, as it will provide a much greater impact on their community. From then on, Professor M. Arief Soendjoto will overlook the state of Pulau Bekantan.

12th Apr 2014

Why do you keep saying “Friends of Bekantan”?

A Guide to be a Friend of Bekantan (using the Membership Button) My sister just commented on how I keep mentioning “Friends of Bekantan” so I’ve decided to write a...

12th Apr 2014

Twitters , Talk Shows, and the ITB Campus Radio Team

Hi Friends of Bekantan! So we’ve just finished recording a radio talk show at ITB Campus in Bandung. If you missed it, no worries! We’ll be posting a recording of...

09th Feb 2014

Read: The Bekantan Experience

Here is our first article titled "The Bekantan Experience". The article discusses the dire situation of Bekantans' declining population as well as the result of our research trip to South Kalimantan.

03rd Dec 2013

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